Glen Allen Sports

11u Division

Congratulations to IYG Spiders (Silver Champions) and Va Seminoles Fletcher (Gold Champions)!

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If a team that plays 4 games, has a 3-1 record and others go 2-1, then  the following rules applies:

  • Head to Head if only 2 teams or 
  • Runs Allowed Average per game

For any team who plays 4 games in pool play:  Any pitcher who throws on Friday or Saturday will be allowed 1 extra inning on Sunday.

Teams Entered:

  1. VA Seminoles-Hewett
  2. VA Seminoles-Smith
  3. VA Seminoles-Fletcher
  4. RockIt Sports Blue
  5. Stars Beltz
  6. Stars Novak
  7. Northside
  8. IYG Spiders