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Calendar of Events

GAYAA Basketball 2019/2020

Calendar of Events


8/1/19                    Registration opens

9/15/19                   Preliminary “soft” registration close for all divisions – waitlists activated

9/29/19                   Final “hard” registration close for all Junior and Instructional divisions – $25 late fee onset for these divisions

9/29/19                   Junior divisions play-up request deadline – no requests will be accepted after this date.

10/16/19                 Mandatory coaches meeting (location and time TBD)

10/19/19                 Mandatory player try-outs for all Junior divisions (location and time TBD)

10/20/19                 Mandatory Junior divisions coaches meeting for team selection (location and time TBD)

11/3/19                   Senior divisions play-up request deadline – no requests will be accepted after this date

11/6/19                   Junior divisions practices begin

11/6/19                   Final “hard” registration close for all Senior divisions

11/9/19                   Mandatory try-outs and team draft for all Senior** divisions at TBD 

11/13/19                 Senior divisions practices begin

11/22/19-12/1/19     Thanksgiving break (no practices or games)

12/6/19                   Junior and Senior divisions games begin

12/16/19                 Mandatory coaches meeting for Instructional division.

12/21/19-1/5/20       Winter Break (no practices or games)

1/6/20                     Junior and Senior divisions practices resume after winter break

1/10/20                   Junior and Senior divisions games resume after Winter Break

1/11/20                   Instructional division practices/games begin

2/9/20                     Junior and Senior divisions regular Season ends

2/14/20                   Junior and Senior divisions single elimination tournament begins

2/21/20-2/22/20       Junior and Senior divisions Championship Weekend at TBD

2/23/20                   Instructional division season ends


  • Junior divisions includes: Boys 8’s, Boys 9’s, Boys 10’s, Boys 11’s, Boys 12’s, Boys 13’s, Girls 8-9’s, Girls 10-11’s, &  Girls 12-13’s
  • Senior divisions include:  Boys Sr.14’s, Boys Sr.15’s, Boys Sr.16-18’s, & Girls Seniors 14-18.
  • Instructional Division does not have play-offs or an end-of-season tournament