Softball Divisions

Softball Divisions

This information is designed to give our members a brief description on each softball division we offer each season.

1)      Instructional Softball:  Players Ages 4 – 6
           Pitching Distance:  35’    Base Distance:  55’ 

  • Players are taught the very basic fundamentals of softball.  Those fundamentals are:  baserunning, throwing, catching and hitting.  Hitting is done initially from “coach” pitch, and if a child cannot hit it off a coach, they hit from a tee. 

2)       Rookie: Players Ages 7-8
           Pitching Distance:35’    Base Distance:  60’ 

  • Players are beginning to learn to hit from a pitching machine.  Players begin to learn more in depth fundamentals of the game. 

3)       10U Fast Pitch:  Players Ages 9 – 10  
           Pitching Mound:  35’    Base Distance:  60’ 

  • This is the first year of kid pitch.  Players will learn how to properly pitch in a game.  Players will learn to hit off live pitching as well as begin stealing bases.  They will continue developing the fundamentals of the game.  Pitching limits apply in this age division, 9 innings per two consecutive games.

4)       12U Fast Pitch:  Players Ages 11 - 12 
           Pitching Mound:  40’     Base Distance: 60’ 

  • Players will learn more in depth fundamentals that will enhance their game.  Infield fly and dropped third strike play begins in this age division.  Pitching limits apply in this age division, 9 innings per two consecutive games.

5)       16U Fast Pitch:  Players Ages 13-16
           Pitching Mound:  43’    Base Distance:  60”

  • Players will continue to development the fundamentals of the game that will continue to enhance their game.  There are no pitching limits in this age division.